Mooradians Furniture of New York Goes Solar

m logo 03 Mooradians Furniture of New York Goes Solar

Awhile back, New York Light Energy — a New York solar installationcompany — approached Mooradians Furniture in upstate New York. The idea? Install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems atop two of the furniturecompany’s locations in upstate New York. Now, with the solar panelsinstalled, Moordians is looking forward to saving $500,000 in utilitybills over the next 20 years.

Bill Mooradian, the owner of Mooradians Furniture, is excited aboutboth the cost savings and environmental impact of the installation:

“The work done by Alex Lieb and New York Light Energy was professional and efficient, as were the services provided by ourpartners. The savings to our company will be substantial over the years, but the effect on the environment is equally important.”

Together, the two systems have a generating capacity of 80.64-kilowatts (kW), making it the largest solar energy system for a non-utility company inall of New York. The panels will produce around 98,500 kilowatt hours(kWh) annually — enough to power the equivalent of just over fiveaverage American homes for a full year.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority(NYSERDA) contributed $150,00 to the project to help offset the upfrontcost. The 768 solar panels for the two installations combined weremanufactured by Kycocera Solar Inc.

Furniture Store in New York Installs Solar Panels