Mitsubishi’s Solar Powered Container Vegetable Plant

We have talked about the solar powered air-conditioned trucksby Mitsubishi Chemical in the past.
Today, the company is again basking ingreen limelight by developing the container vegetable plant. This40-feet heat insulated container has temperature controlled interiorwith water treatment facilities for water circulation, filtration andrecycling. It is also fitted with fluorescent and LED lights tofacilitate photosynthesis. All these features will help to grow plantsin unfavorable circumstances too. Ideal for barren lands and deserts,such a green container can be powered with solar energy and lithium-ionbattery too. Priced at about $60,000- $770,000, Mitsubishi Chemical’scontainer vegetable plant may not be an affordable option for thirdworld countries. However the company is all set to deliver the firstplant to Qatar in April.





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