Mitsubishi plans solar-powered multistory car parking that can juice your EV

Mitsubishi_Multistory_Car_Park.jpgWith the rise in population, shortage of free space isn’t unusual incities across the globe.
Likewise, car parks are now insufficient, dueto which many civic multi-storey car parks are being built. The guys atMitsubishi had a recent brainwave and have planned the construction ofmulti storey car parks that have chargers for your electric vehicles tojuice them up when parked. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Parking Co Ltd,a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd, has based these carparks on the ‘Lift Park’ and has renamed it the ‘Plug-in Lift Park’.These car parks are usually used in condominium buildings, offices etc.All you need to do is, drive your electric vehicle (EV) or plug-inhybrid (PHV) vehicle into one of these parking places, plug it in, andhave it charge up while you go about doing your business.

The charging outlets are fitted onto the pallets on whichcars are parked. Mitsubishi anticipates the rise in use of EV’s andPHV’s in the future and plans to build more of these car parks and alsoconvert the existing ones into EV-friendly parking spaces. The companyhas also planned reducing the power consumption by using regenerativeenergy of elevators and solar-powered car parks.



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