Mirage-like Sculpture That Produces Clean Energy

light sanctuary1

Light Sanctuary, a mirage-like Sculpture is as green as aesthetically appealing it looks. Designed by New York architects Decker Yeadon, this massive desert sculpture comprises of 33-foot-tall verticalphotovoltaic panels twisting and plunging through 100 acres of the Dubai sands. It was designed specially keeping in mind the Dubai architecture firm Studied Impact sponsored 2010 Land Art Generator Initiative competition.

light sanctuary2

The competition demanded designers to come up some sort of land artthat can also produce copious amounts of clean energy. This proposal isartful representation of a mirage that generates clean energy. Generates nearly 5,000 megawatt-hours of solar energy annually, the LightSanctuary promises minimal environmental impact.

light sanctuary3

Via: FastCoDesign



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