MiraCosta College Cuts Fees; Expects Jump in San Diego Solar Installations

miracosta MiraCosta College Cuts Fees; Expects Jump in San Diego Solar Installations

In anticipation of a rise in home solar energy system installationsin several southern California cities, MiraCosta College in Oceanside,California is offering a reduced rate for students interested in its solar photovoltaic(PV) training course.

The increase in installations is expected to run from mid July to mid August of this year, spurred by a special financing offer for solarenergy systems to be installed on homes. Homeowners in San Diego,Oceanside and a number of other California counties and cities will soon be able to finance the installation of solar panels via an innovatednew financing option. Many governments are allowing residents to payback loans through an annual property tax assessment. Such PropertyAssessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs are becoming an increasinglypopular way to bankroll projects in renewable energy and energyefficiency for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

MiraCosta College has two major green training programs, both taughtby the solar PV training program Ameriskills. One is a 40-hour solarinstallation-training course. The other is an 8-week program to trainhybrid car mechanics.

From now through June, the school will be offering its solar PVtraining course at $1,095 per student, which includes all materials, the accompanying lab workshops and preparation for two principalcertification programs: one offered by the North American Board ofCertified Electrical Practitioners (NABCEP), and the other from theElectronics Technicians Association (ETA).

The next solar PV training course offered at MiraCosta begins June19, so don’t miss the fast-approaching deadline to sign up.

Image: MiraCosta College in Southern California is offeringits solar PV training course at a reduced rate to meet demand in SanDiego County, which may see more home solar energy installations incoming months.

CA College Cuts Fees, Expects Bump in San Diego Solar Installations