Miele Introduces Solar Washer and Dryer

Miele & Solvis has come up with its new launch that is SmartGrid-ready washer and dryer. It is really interesting to know that these machines are able to access internet to determine the cheapest rates throughout the day, though they run off of regular main powers. User convenience and the solar usage are the motto of this machine. Users can indicate the time period in which laundry must be washed or dried, the appliances proceed to automatically start on that time which is the least expensive time within that time period.

Solar Heated Clothes Dryer

Solar Heated Clothes DryerCreated by Miele

Rooftop solar-thermal collectors are used to gather heat for dryers. These collectors involve a freeze-protected fluid, which transfers sun’s heat to water in stratified storage tank designed by Solvis. The tank is connected to the dryer with four pipes. The first pipe brings solar heated water to the dryer which is used to heat up the air in the tumbler via a heat exchanger. Cool water is then transferred back to the heating system with the help of a second pipe. Once heated again, it is transferred back to the tumbler and its heat is used to remove water from clothes. This process continues, till the time all the clothes in the tumbler are dried. The best part of the system is that is makes use of less water, since water is recycled every time it is used to dry clothes. Moreover, since the system makes use of solar heat to heat water, a lot of energy is saved, which further reduces your carbon footprint.

While the process can continue efficiently during hot summer months, the system still relies on conventional sources of energy during the cold winter months. The designers, however, are confident about the efficiency of their system, and claim that the entire system is almost loss-free. Moreover, the machine is said to reduce operating costs by as much as 50 percent when compared with a conventional heat dryer and can offer an 80 percent reduction when compared with standard condenser dryers.

Via: Gizmag

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