MiaSole Deploys Camstar

Camstar Systems Inc. announced that MiaSole, the leading manufacturer of Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS) thin-film photovoltaic solarpanels, has deployed Camstar’s SolarSuite enterprise software platformthroughout its entire solar manufacturing value chain.

As anindustry innovator, MiaSole is growing rapidly, and the scalablemanufacturing platform enables the company to shorten time-to-volume,improve product quality and reliability, and rapidly develop, roll outand enforce best known methods across new lines and plants.

“MiaSole is committed to providing innovative, top quality solar products thatcost-effectively meet the needs of our customers,” said Kevin Eassa, VPof Operations for MiaSole. “Camstar’s SolarSuite provides visibility and consistent control over our manufacturing processes and resources.Access to a rich set of process intelligence accelerates our ability tocontinuously innovate and improve while we expand operations.”

“MiaSole’s rapid volume growth mandated a fast implementation that wouldimmediately sustain high-volume transactions. We were impressed with the inherent configurability and high performance of Camstar’s platformthat made it possible,” said Amiya Ranjan, senior director of IT forMiaSole.

“We applied a proven, phased, rapid deploymentmethodology and brought the solution into production in just 60 days,starting with resource and WIP tracking. We then added integration withprocess equipment controllers that allows automatic collection ofvery-high volume data and transactions. Instant visibility intoequipment states, work-in-process and genealogy helps us meet or exceedtarget product quality, productivity and cost goals.”

“Camstar is seeing rapid adoption of our solutions across the Solar industry,” said Rob Rudder, senior VP of Global Sales and Marketing for Camstar.

“As these companies race to bring innovative products to market, theyrealize that product quality will distinguish the winners in the costper watt battle. MiaSole is the top innovator among their peers, andthey recognize the absolute necessity of a comprehensive platform formanufacturing execution and quality that integrates with the rest of the systems landscape, including shop floor automation, ERP and PLMsystems.”


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