MercuryHouseOne – A futuristic solar-powered mobile lounge


Eco Factor: Mobile shelter powered by solar energy.

Architecture and Visionhave designed a solar-powered mobile lounge, dubbed MercuryHouseOne,which seems to get inspiration from a computer mouse. Clad in Carraramarble, the stunning unit makes the inhabitants rely on off-grid solarenergy that is generated by solar panels mounted on its roof.


Theunit has been designed by integrating functional and aestheticalconsiderations in a small yet elegant package. MercuryHouseOne isdesigned to fit both urban and natural environments, helping theenvironment in both cases. The exterior is made from the finest Carraramarble, which is backlit at night, enhancing its form and creatingspecial attention for evening events.


Theinteriors of the mobile unit can be configured according to therequirements and the number of inhabitants. To enhance the experienceof the inhabitants the latest in lighting, video and music technologieswill be incorporated, all of which will be powered by the unit’srooftop solar panels. MercuryHouseOne will be displayed in Venice inSeptember.


Via: Dezeen



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