Mecasolar To Open Production Plant In U.S.

Spain-based Mecasolar, part of the OPDE Group, plans to open a newproduction plant in San Francisco. The factory will begin producingMecasolar’s one- and two-axis solar trackers and fixed structures atfull capacity in the first quarter of 2010.

The company expectsto reach a production capacity for fixed structures and trackers of 200MW by 2010. Mecasolar’s fixed structures include one model forshallow-ground footing, which is designed in combinations of one, twoand three rows of modules, and another model using foundation bolts.

Bothmodels are hot dip galvanized structures, enabling Mecasolar to providea full guarantee for the structures of up to 10 years, the companyadds. They are also compliant with the UNE-ENV 1991 Eurocode standardand resist winds of 150 kmh.


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