McDonald’s Delivery Trucks to Run on Vegetable Oil (In UAE) $MCD

mcdonalds bmhda McDonalds Delivery Trucks to Run on Vegetable Oil (In UAE) $MCD

An interesting event is going on in the United Arab Emirates. TheMcDonald stores out there are actually running their trucks using wastevegetable oil produced in their own vats. Neutral Fuels which is Dubaibased had made an announcement Sunday that the company has entered a new deal which includes the conversion of vegetable oil which is found inthe UAE McDonald’s outlets into 100 percent of biodiesel. This is goingto help power the delivery trucks of the fast food chain all over theGulf country.

Last year the tests for biodiesel had started and at the end ofthis May, they had started to produce this for the fast food giant. Karl W. Feilder who is the chairman of the Neutral Group had said that thisproject was exciting for them because this was a really innovative idea, which no one had ever tried out in the UAE. He also said that hisexcitement was because they were using a fuel which was around 50 percent more clean that what the usual diesel is. Also it gives a very lowcarbon footprint since it comes from a “waste vegetable product”.

McDonalds says that this is a small step in huge plans that it hasset for the future. They are also a part of the largest environmentalist group in the Emirates i.e. Emirates Environment Group. Rafic Fakih, the partner as well as managing director of McDonalds UAE said that in theUAE McDonald’s had managed to demonstrate a passionate as well long term commitment in order to invest in the environmental initiatives as well. In the Neutral facility in Dubai, around 1 million liters of biodieselcan be produced and if there is an increase in the number of shifts then double of that amount can be produced.

But this isn’t the first time that McDonald’s is running its cars onvegetable oil. The same has been done for their outlets in England andrecently in Austria. But then in the Middle East it is the very firsttime that any company is taking on a venture like this. This is becausethe Middle East is a country where people don’t really use a lot ofalternative fuels because of the existing low price of fuels. Thevehicles of this fast food chain are also powered using pure biodiesel.

According to Feilder the main reason for this is because they want to prove to people that to run a car completely on biodiesel, exactly nomodifications are required. They also want to show how brilliant thattechnology is and pure McDonald’s oil is that bio diesel can be produced at the same price as you would pay for oil.