Making sure your solar power system is running right

Manytimes dirt on your solar panels or shading can reduce the power outputof your solar electric system, not achieving your maximum potentialcould result in many lost kWh (kilowatt-hours) every year. IBC Solarhas developed the "SolControl" which is a device that compares yoursolar electric system’s power harvest to current weather data.

TheSolControl basic has built in sensors which collects the weather dataand then determines how much power your solar electric system should beproducing under the given weather conditions. If the solar electricsystem is not achieving the maximum power yield then the system owneris remotely notified, who can check and fix the problem.

TheSolControl can be used with any inverter and is offered in threedifferent models which accommodate different sized solar panel arrays.This is a great tool for solar electric system owners who want to makesure hey squeeze every drop out of their solar panels. What do youthink about the SolControl?




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