Making changes to the best Solar Training Company around!

Maybe you have heard of us by now, and maybe you are checking us out for the first time, but Boots on the Roofis a solar industry training school. We offer a conprehensive courseincluding installation, design, and sales techniques to jump startpeople looking to get into the industry. We do our best to prepare youfor your future solar careers; because we don’t just give you trainingand some little certificate, we train you for your job, your businessand how to actually make it happen.  We will help teach you the beststrategies to move ahead in the industry.  Now, more than ever, is agreat time to train for solar, thermal and wind energy and get on board!

We used to offer our classes only in California, andin the last few months we have also been running classes in New Jersey. Now we have a brand new class location in Dallas, Texas!Texas has recently been another hotbed of solar development andactivity, so for all of you in Texas or anywhere nearby now you have acentralized location in the US to get the training you need to get intothe rapidly growing solar industry!  And everyone already knows thatTexas is #1 in wind energy in the country.  Learn wind and get involved!

Also for those of you unable to travel to our locations we offer an online class as well.You may be thinking “Oh great, another lame online class that doesn’thelp me get into the industry”, but our online class is special.Instead of just giving you the information about solar directly andthen giving you a basic test for how much you remember we give you afully interactive course with loads of multimedia and hands on lab workto do along with the class, all this will enable you to learn aboutsolar in an exciting way and ensure that you complete the class,remember the best parts and move forward in the industry.  Our onlineclass is more fun with all the audio, visual components relayinginformation about solar, we did our best to make the class the best itcould be without you coming to our class. For those individuals who arejust starting in solar, online learning gives you the in you’re lookingfor.  For those of you with serious intentions on making a solarcompany or business our teacher lead PV boot camp is where you need to start.

So don’t just sit around and wait for the industry to take off, because it already is! Why not join the revolution now?

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