Luxury Electric Car Throwdown: Porsche Boxster vs. BMW ActiveE

porsche boxster e electric car vs bmw activee electric car EEBZu 11446 Luxury Electric Car Throwdown: Porsche Boxster vs. BMW ActiveE

Why the comparison?
Both of these cars have that exalted German pedigree, both of them havethe quintessential élan imbued in them, but most importantly both ofthese sublime automobiles are exclusively powered by electricity. Whilethe similarity ends here, both use different battery technologies, which is innately related to their performance specifications and the very“green” way they can deliver.

Porsche Boxster-E Electric Car:

The Green Side:
All of the attributes revealed by this special vehicle are based upon the field test results of the three prototype Boxsters.The car features a sturdy 29-kWh battery pack that can power this petite vehicle up to 60 mph in less than 5.3 seconds. It has a midrange 240 hp engine, and can blissfully achieve a top speed of 170mph. Added to that we should remember that it is an fully “electric” car in itsconception, and hence expected to cause significantly lower pollution.

The Dark Side:
The Porsche Boxster E only has a range of 100 miles per charge. Well incontrast with other competitors in the similar class, especially theelectric driven Tesla Roadster, which has a range of 240 miles, this specification truly fades incomparison. Moreover, the cars unveiled up till now have just beenprototypes, and hence we cannot afford to get a more transparent ideaabout the vehicle’s performance.

BMW ActiveE Electric Car:

The Green Side:
Another German car goes “green” by totally letting off its petrol fueled components. Thisfully electric vehicle has a 168 hp engine with a well-balancedpower-train for 50:50 weight distribution. It uses the ubiquitouslithium-ion battery pack and can achieve a speed of up to 90mph.Additionally, it also features an efficient liquid cooling system tokeep the electric distribution setup at an optimum temperature.

The Dark Side:
The charging time for this machine is about 5 hrs. The car also exhibits a more cumbersome weight of 3900 lbs. (in comparison to Nissan Leaf’s 2800 lbs). Moreover, it can rise up to 60mph in an extended 8.5 seconds, which is 3 seconds more than Porsche Boxster E.

The Final Verdict:
Though both of these cars are electric, the integrated batteries withinthem are composed of toxic metals, in essence generating some amount oftoxic fumes. Till date, we do not have ample information about thesecars’ battery systems, but we can be certain about the Porsche’senhanced pick up as well as speed when compared to the BMW, even thoughthey have the same range. This gives the Porsche Boxster E a slight edge ahead of the BMW ActiveE.