Lotus Systems receives big order from German solar cell maker

Lotus Systems has received an order from a large German solar cellmanufacturer to install fully automated wet chemical process lines forcell production. There was also an agreement to cooperate long term,and a total volume of more than €8 million is expected for the future.For more information about wet chemistry, seewww.lotussystems.de/photovoltaic/wet-process-applications.

“Ourinnovative tool design decided it” says New Products Manager HansHauger, explaining how Lotus Systems beat out several othercompetitors. “We have incorporated new details everywhere –- in inputand output stations, cleaning, etching and drying. All together, thismakes for extremely high productivity and conserves substances likewater, electricity, and chemicals.” The first system will be installedin January 2010.

“The photovoltaics industry needs new ideas tomeet future quantity and cost demands,” says Joachim Mink, founder andCEO of Lotus Systems. “Every factory is different. We do not justlisten to our customers well; we also do our homework and deliver bothinnovation and absolute reliability. I personally make sure of that.”