Los angeles county solar map

erickb of bloblive L.A. tweeted a link to a new web resource called the Los Angeles County Solar Mapwhich helps you visualize the number of solar photovoltaic (pv)installations within the cities scattered around the county. I wasbrowsing through the cities and noticed Venice, CA has over 300kW ofsolar pv installed! that’s equivalent to 92 solar electric systems, itseems like solar panels are a hot bed for the citizens of Venice, Iwonder why?

Los Angeles not only has great rebates since we’rein California but we have average sun hours of 5.5 which is quite highon the scale, I’m surprised there are not more solar electric systemsinstalled in L.A. San Fransico also has a SolarMap, currently the Northern California has more solar panels installedthan sunnier Southern California, maybe they’re more progressive upNorth?




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