Live Update From Sixth Annual ACORE Renewable Energy Forum

ACORE 11 Live Update From Sixth Annual ACORE Renewable Energy Forum


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Global Issues and US Competitiveness

11:30 am-12:45 pm (EST)

John Geesman, Co-Chair, ACORE Board of Directors

Mike Eckhart, President, ACORE

David Sandalow, Assistant Secretary, DOE Policy & International Affairs

John Graham, President, BP Wind Energy

Steen Riisgaard, CEO, Novozymes NS, Denmark

Hermann Scheer, Member, German Bundestag

The renewable energy industry has built up in the U.S. in recentyears, but even more so in several other countries such as Germany,Spain, India and China. The U.S, may have led the research anddevelopment of renewable energy technologies, but are we building ourshare of the companies and factories to serve the world markets? Whatwill it take to have the U.S. become a major exporter of renewableenergy systems? Also, seen the other way, how can the U.S. promotegreater use of renewable energy around the world? This session willprovide a global perspective on the markets and industry, and also whatour government is doing and plans to do in international policy.

Lunch, 12:30 pm-1:30 pm (EST)

Financing the Scale-up of Renewable Energy

1:45 pm-3:00 pm (EST)

Dan Reicher, Director of Climate Change and Energy Initiatives, Google

Mike Eckhart, President, ACORE

Jeff Holzschuh, Vice Chairman, Morgan Stanley, Investment Banking Division

Kevin Parker, Global Head, Deutsche Bank Asset Management

Raymond Wood, Co-Head of Alternative Energy Group, Credit Suisse

Michael D. Ware, Managing Director, Good Energies

Reed Hundt, Co-Chair, Green Bank Coalition

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