Limbaugh Blames the Sierra Club for Oil Spill

rush+limbaugh%27s+anti environmentalism Limbaugh Blames the Sierra Club for Oil Spill

The leaking undersea oil well in the Gulf of Mexico isan environmental disaster of epic proportions. Most thinking people areattributing blame to those who caused the incident (BP, Transocean andCameron International). However, some conservative American leaders arepointing their fingers in the most unlikely directions.

Paradoxically, conservatives tend to blame the "enviro-nuts" for supportingrestrictions on drilling. The popular conservative view suggests weshould aggressively exploit all domestic sources of oil. Former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin is amongst those who have indicated their support for thisview.

Infamous radio host Rush Limbaugh blamed the Sierra Cluband suggested that they should "pick up the tab" for the cleanup. Thisstatement lends credence to the view that Limbaugh’s perspectives arefueled by an addiction to pain medication.

Ironically, peopleresponded to Rush’s bizarre broadcast with a flood of donations to theSierra Club. The Sierra Club is now asking people to donate $10 in Rush’s name, and in return they will send Rush a specialnote thanking him for helping to support clean-energy solutions and aban on offshore drilling.

In the face of environmental and safety concerns, many appear to be seeing the wisdom of a 21st century energyeconomy. Although conservatives like Limbaugh may seem laughable, theyhave a large and loyal following whose resistance to environmentalconcerns borders on religion.

Rather than begin the arduous yetnecessary task of weaning ourselves off of oil, conservative Ludditeslike Limbaugh are seeking to expand our addiction to a finite resourcethat is imperiling the planet.