Light Harvesting Efficient Dye-sensitized Solar Cells by Rohm

rohm cm78n Light Harvesting Efficient Dye sensitized Solar Cells by Rohm

Dye-sensitized solar cells (generally composed from a porous layer of titanium dioxide nanoparticles) get their name from the molecular dyethat actually absorbs the sunlight, just like chlorophyll in leaves.These thin film solar cells are already expected to substantiallycontribute to renewable electricity by 2020, mostly because of theircomparatively low cost and inherent mechanical robustness. And now inthe present scenario, renowned electronics company Rohm has contrived its version of high efficiency dye-sensitized solar cells that can harvest our conventional room light.

Touted to have a conversion efficiency of more than 30 percent, these 4×4 cm sized solar cells can utilize (and harvest) light from a lowwavelength range of 400 to 800 nm, for a maximum output of 1 to 2 mW(milliwatt). This can be used to juice up low power consuming devicessuch as clocks, PC mouse, headphones, or even TV remotes.

Moreover being transparent in their form, these ultra-petite cellscan also be used for powering ZigBee devices. ZigBee devices inthemselves are communication protocols that use low power digital radios for data transfer (analogous to Personal Area Networks like Bluetooth). Thus, the dye-sensitized solar cells could power such devices forvarious applications such as wireless light switches with lamps or evenelectrical meters connected to in-home-displays.

Via: AkihabaraNews