LG GD510 touchscreen with solar panel is light on features and light for the wallet


LG’s consumer research showed that a large group of consumers wantedthe functionality of a full touchscreen phone without the extra bulkand unnecessary features that resulted in higher prices. According tothe research, many users were also put off by the complexity offeature-laden phones but still desired the easier navigation and largerscreens of full touchscreen phones. The LG GD510 was designed toinclude the key features these users craved, without the overhead offeatures they didn’t use. The LG GD510 is designed for such consumersand also adds in a solar panel at the back for anywhere anytime power.The phone has a 3MP camera and a 3 inch WQVGA touchscreen, price of thedevice is still to be known.

Via [akihabaranews]



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