Lennar Homes, SunPower Team Up to Offer Solar Lease

It’s increasingly evident that U.S. homebuilders are piling intosolar energy for the long haul.

In the past month, this blog has featured the “Vision Zero” solar home, the result of a joint effort between CobblestoneHomes and Dow Chemical, and the “eSMART Green” solar home from Beazer Homes. Cheesiness of the names aside, these homes point to an important trend in homebuilding, one that willmake solar power options available to more homebuyers than ever before.At very least, let’s hope more builders take the angle and orientation of a home’s roof into consideration before they start construction…

Not to be outdone, Lennar Homes today announced it has become the first “high-production homebuilder inthe U.S. to successfully launch a solar lease program.” Through apartnership with SunPower Corp. (NASDAQ:SPWRA), Lennar offers homebuyers the option to lease a high-efficiency solar home energy systemfeaturing SunPower panels. Dubbed SunPower Access, the solar leaseoption is consistent with the spirit and aim of Lennar’s PowerSmartprogram, which helps consumers “save money” and “save the environment.”

According to the press release, Lennar has since 2006 installedSunPower panels atop more than 1,700 homes in California. The new solarlease option is now offered in Lennar developments “in Sacramento,Fresno and in Southern California, including San Diego and Corona (theInland Empire).”

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, among others, is a fan ofthe Lennar-SunPower tie up:

“California’s green policies are promoting the expansionof clean, renewable energy in our communities and growing our greeneconomy.” Gov. Schwarzenegger said. ”It is companies like Lennar andthese innovative partnerships that are creating jobs now while helpingus reach a cleaner, more sustainable future.”

See the press release (link above) for more information about current efforts in Congress to expand solar leasing nationwide.

Lennar Homes, SunPower Team Up to Offer Solar Lease


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