Ledian Tianwei Silicon Starts Up Poly plant

Ledian Tianwei Silicon Technology Co. Ltd. has successfully started upits polysilicon production plant in Leshan, Sichuan Province, China, and is now producing high-purity polysilicon that will be used to producecells and modules for the solar industry and wafers for the electronicindustry.

Ledian Tianwei Silicon Technology Company contractedwith Poly Plant Project, Inc. (PPP), purchasing PPP’s process technology and equipment package. This package integrated state-of-the-artChemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Reactors to produce high-puritypolysilicon, Thermal Converters to recycle and convertsilicon-tetrachloride (STC) to trichlorosilane (TCS), pressure vesselpower supply systems, ancillary equipment and operator and safetytraining at Ledian’s polysilicon production plant.

"Poly PlantProject’s 36-L Reactor is the market leader in terms of polysiliconoutput, production capacity and efficiency for 36 rod (18 pair) CVDReactors," said Dr. Jesse Chen, President of PPP.

"PPP’sengineers have developed our unique 36-L CVD Reactors to achieve aminimum annual production capacity of 200 Metric Tons per Year (MTY) ofhigh-purity polysilicon. Our Model 36-L and our new, high-capacity Model 54-R 54 rod reactors are the most advanced, high-yield polysilicondeposition Reactors available. PPP’s 36 and 54 rod Reactors areunparalleled in their efficient production of polysilicon consuming theleast amount of electricity per kilogram of polysilicon produced."

Poly Plant Project was able to accelerate its equipment delivery, enablingthe Ledian plant to be completed five months ahead of schedule. Theequipment was commissioned in August 2009 and the plant started inproduction in September. All CVD Reactors are operating and the companyis now producing high-purity solar grade and electronic gradepolysilicon at a rate of 1,500 metric tons per year, which is nearly 50percent of the plant’s 3,000 MTY nameplate capacity.

LedianTianwei Silicon Technology Company is using PPP’s state-of-the-artSTC-to-TCS Thermal Converters, Converter power supplies, graphiteelements, and ancillary equipment. The STC-to-TCS Thermal Converters are critical pieces of equipment that enable the plant to recycle recovered waste gases that are produced during the polysilicondeposition/production process.

The Ledian plant is operatingPPP’s Thermal Converters at a highly efficient rate converting more than 20 percent of the silicon-tetrachloride to trichlorosilane with eachpass.

"PPP’s CVD Reactors, Thermal Converters and power suppliesare designed for safe and efficient operation while minimizing theconsumption of electricity enabling plant owners to enjoy the lowestpossible operating costs thereby reducing the cost of each kilo of polyproduced," said Terry T. Kunimune, Chairman and CEO of Poly PlantProject.

"Ours is a very versatile pressure vessel designenabling it to be used as either a high-output CVD Reactor or ahighly-efficient Thermal Converter. Using PPP’s proprietary graphitechucks, electrodes, direct temperature control and on-site operator andsafety training, enables our customers to enjoy the shortest learningcurve as they go from commissioning to first production run tocontinuous, safe and stable operation.

"We are not surprised athow quickly the Ledian plant has gone into polysilicon production astheir highly qualified, professional team was enabled by PPP’s completepackage of equipment, technology and training. We look forward to theircontinued success as they ramp up production and ultimately exceed their plant’s nameplate capacity."


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