LED Solar Streetlights from Enertia Engineering

enertia engineerings enersolar solar powered streetlight_1

We’re reported about several concept streetlights that harvest the sun during the day to illuminate highways after dark. While most of those designs are still on paper, Enertia Engineering has created the world’s first fully-integrated streetlights that are powered by renewable solar energy.

enertia engineerings enersolar solar powered streetlight_2

The streetlights use the latest LEDs, controls and solar powersystems, which are required for fully autonomous use. The EnerSolarstreetlight can provide three nights of autonomous light even if thesolar panels didn’t charge the onboard batteries during daytime.

enertia engineerings enersolar solar powered streetlight_3

The simple installation makes it straightforward for almost anyone to apply EnerSolar street lights. There is no external battery box or solar panel as everything iscontained within the light-head itself. The streetlights can be attached to any standard lighting pole for instant lighting. Since there is noconnection to the electrical grid, the installation is safer and easierthan regular street lights.

enertia engineerings enersolar solar powered streetlight_4



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