Leaked document shows India with 200GW solar power by 2050

solar power

Withonly 3MW solar electricity being generated in India as of today, thecountry has plans to be a part of the green nations of the world by2050. Documents seen by Indian newspaper The Hindu reveal that the country plans to develop plants, which collectively would generate a whopping 200GW of solar power by 2050.

Theplan includes measures for rapidly expanding the use of small-scalephotovoltaic panels, solar lighting systems and large-scale commercialsolar plants, which will drive the cost of solar electricity down toencourage domestic solar manufacturing. The plants would be built inboth rural and urban areas and would aim to reduce the cost of solarenergy to bring it in parity with conventional grid power. According tothe plan the country would have 20,000MW of solar power by 2020, whichwill be expanded to 100,000MW by 2030 and 200,000MW by 2050.

Via: Treehugger


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