Leading Smart Grid Technology Comes to Hawaii

Recently, 6 Japanese companies collaborated to bring leading smart grid technology to Mauifor a joint smart grid project. The project was spearheaded by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization.

The project is a demonstration project, hoping to demonstrate leading smart grid technology to Hawaiians by initiating a successful project. Theproject is a result of the Japan-U.S. Clean Energy Technologies Action Plan, a joint agreement to research and develop clean technologies in both countries.

Issues surrounding smart grid will be tested and hopefully resolved as a result of the demonstrationproject. Among these are s feasibility study, which will be initiated byHitachi, and completed by September 2011. The root interest of the study is to test the stability of the power grid.

Also being tested are cyber security issues, a question some have brought up in response to smart grid development. Hitachi and Hewlett-PackardJapan will initiate the security assessment, evaluating cyber securitystandards for the Maui, Hawaii project.

Lastly, Mizuho CorporateBank will be interested in evaluating the economic viability of thesmart grid system in Hawaii. The combination of these three studies will provide an in-depth analysis of a smart grid system that could bereplicated in the future by utility companies and government agencies.


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