Largest Solar Project in Automotive Industry Announced by Renault

Renault Solar Installation

While companies like Audi and Boeing have already installedsolarpanels on their manufacturing plants to reduce energy costs and cut CO2emissions, Renault has now partnered with Gestamp Solar to build the largestsolar energy project in automotive industry. Covering an area of about450,000sqm, the solar energy project will witness the installation of solarpanels at Renault plants in France.

Renault Solar Installation
Renault Solar Installation60MW solar installation at Renault

The project calls for the installation of solar panels onthe roofs of the delivery and shipping centers at Renaults Douai, Maubeuge,Flins,Batilly, Sandouville and Clon sites. Construction is slated tocommence thismonth, with completion scheduled for February 2012. Thecompany claims thatupon completion the solar panels will cover an areaequivalent of 63 footballfields and generate about 60MW of power, whichis enough to power a town of15,000. Moreover, the project will helpreduce CO2 emissions by 30,000 tons ayear.

Via: Gizmag

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