Laguna Beach Ranks 3rd for Solar Homes in the O.C

susi-q-seniors-in-laguna-beach-1In California, San Diego and San Jose lead the way in the GoldenState’s push toward making solar a prevalent source of power throughoutthe state. But at a smaller scale, there’s plenty of variation (andcompetition) among California municipalities.

Case in point is Orange County — or, more familiarly, OC.

According to data provided by the California Solar Initiative (CSI), Laguna Beach ranks third among all citiesin Southern California’s Orange County in total number of solar homes.This information was relayed by The OC Register, which got the numbers from SunRun, a providerof solar installation services and solar leases that operates in several states, including California.

Laguna Beach solar has reached the rooftops of roughly 80 homes.Relative to the 25,000 or so Laguna Beach residents, this means about0.8 percent of the city’s homes are now solar-powered. Within the Orange County solar market, only the cities of Los Alamitos and Villa Park,where roughly 1.5 homes are solar-powered, outmatch Laguna Beach.

What’s ahead? The CSI has already helped to install about 350megawatts (MW) of solar energy in California. In the years to come, theinitiative is expected to install enough solar capacity to produce anadditional 3,000 MW, likely meaning that the number of Orange Countysolar installations will continue to rise steadily.

In Orange County, Laguna Beach Ranks Third for Solar Homes


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