Los Angeles Bus System Now 100% Oil Free

los angeles Los Angeles Bus System Now 100% Oil Free

The Los Angeles bus system is the first in the US that has completely converted away from using oil to power its fleet.

The LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority has 2,221 busesrunning on compressed natural gas, six are gas-electric hybrids and onebus runs solely on electricity.

By eliminating diesel engines, one of the smoggiest citiesis reducing cancer-causing particulates 80% and greenhouse gases byabout 300,000 pounds a day. 

Smaller cities such as Oxnard and Santa Barbara have also convertedtheir fleets, and while other major cities are doing the same, LA iswell ahead of other large metropolitan areas, according to the AmericanPublic Transportation Association.

The Southern California Rapid Transit District and the Los AngelesCounty Transportation Commission have been working toward the goal ofeliminating diesel since the late 1980s. Using natural gas increases the cost by about $50,000, bringing the price point to $450,000 per bus.

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