Kurilpa Bridge Lights Up With Solar

Kurilpa Solar Powered Bridge 1 thumb 450x276 Kurilpa Bridge Lights Up With Solar

The design for the Kurilpa Bridge is a world-first and a new landmarkfor the State of Queensland. Construction of the bridge began inOctober 2007 and is the first in the world to be built using a methodthat combines tension and compressed steel. The Premier says theKurilpa Bridge is the world’s largest tensegrity pedestrian and cyclebridge which balances tension and compression components to produce alight but incredibly strong structure. One of the other unique features of the bridge is how it is lit andpowered. The bridge employs a sophisticated LED lighting scheme thatcan be programmed to produce an array of different lighting effects,which will become a feature of Brisbane’s annual Riverfirecelebrations. 75 per cent of the power required to run the LED lightingin the fully lit mode is generated by solar energy.