Korean Delegation Visits Silicon Valley

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Applied Materials, in partnership with the Korean UniversityCouncil for Social Service, hosted 20 engineering students from variousuniversities in Korea as part of a Global Leadership Program. Thestudents traveled to the U.S. to learn about the high-tech industry, new technologies and corporate social responsibility. While at Applied, the students learned about the business, met with executives, and touredthe flat panel display R&D lab and the company’s 2MW solarinstallation as well as the Maydan Technology Center, the most advancedR&D facility for the semiconductor industry. The students alsovolunteered at local nonprofits including, the Second Harvest FoodBank and RAFT.Additionally, as part of the week long visit, the students toured someof the valley’s leading companies including, Intel Corporation, AdobeSystems, Cisco Systems, and Yahoo! as well as visited the region’s topuniversities.

To learn more about this program read the article in The Korea Times.