Konarka Announces Power Plastic 20 Series

Your new carrying bag might able to charge your cell phone and you iPod, as well. Konarka Technologies, Inc. has unveiled the Power Plastic 20 series,a new line of solar panels for portable charging applications, at theEuropean Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference.

Konarka is a solar company which has developed an innovative andunique technology, Power Plastic®–a flexible photovoltaic materialthat converts light to energy. Commercial products that will incorporate the Power Plastic 20Series include carrying bags, café umbrellas, and battery chargers forlighting, mobile phones and mobile devices.  The products will beavailable before the end of the year, and can be purchased fromKonarka’s qualified resellers and partners.

The Konarka Power Plastic 20 Series includes three solar panels: the Power Plastic 120 (1-watt), Power Plastic 320 (3-watts), and PowerPlastic 620 (7-watts).  The panels vary in size, and come with orwithout integrated connectors to be used to connect the panels into amanufacturer’s product or device.

Rick Hess, president and CEO of Konarka said the Power Plastic 20Series will "address portable and remote power needs whil providingdistinctive value to our partners’ solutions."

Read the full story at Konarka Technologies:  KonarkaAnnounces Availability of Solar Panels for Portable ChargingApplications at European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference

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