Japanese consortium aims to develop a solar-powered super CPU


Presentlythe CPU business is dominated by giants that include Intel and AMD. AJapanese consortium is aiming to give the giants a real fight with anew CPU that can be powered by solar energy. Including big names like Toshiba, Fujitsu, Canon, Panasonic, Hitachi and NECthe consortium aims to develop the super chip that consumes around 70%less power than existing chips without having an effect on performance.

Theentire scheme is being funded by the Japanese Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry, who have chalked out around £19.6-26.2 million forthe same. The funding amount does seem small for a chip with some greatfeatures to boast about, but the financers have said that the fundingrepresents initial capita and is likely to increase with the project.

Theproject appears to be aiming to create processers that can draw all thepower they need from solar panels and can be used to power a new rangeof mobile devices that never need a main connection.

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

Via: Bit-Tech/Forbes



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