Japan Loves Solar Mopeds

Solar-charged mopeds anyone?

The Yamaha electric mopeds parked underneath a series of small solar arrays in the picture above will soon be available for rent in front of the Kokokei JR Station in Tajimi Citi-Gifu Prefecture in Japan.

The solar-charged mopeds are part of an effort by Tajimi City Electric Bike Leasing Organization to promote greater environmental consciousness and greener commuting practices in Japan.

Electric mopeds and bicycles for rent will also be available at additional locations throughout Tajimi Citi.

In fact, Japan isn’t the only country where solar-powered scooter, moped and electric bicycle charging stations are popping up. There are quite a few in Germany, for example.

We don’t know of any in the U.S. yet — though it’s possible we’ve missed one, or more, as they’ve gone up. If we have, and you know of one, please let us know, and we’ll publish a story on it :-) — and add it to our unique global map of solar-powered EV charging stations.

Original Article on SolarChargedDriving.com


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