Italy’s Solar Powered Stadium

stadium thumb 450x297 Italy’s Solar Powered Stadium

On the outside I’m sure this stadium looks like a capsule, but thisparticular Gino Zavanella creation unveiled in Italy recently istotally plastered in energy-generating photovoltaic panels. Named‘Franco Sensi’ is not just the usual stadium, but will also boast ofRome’s football teams museum, restaurants, lounges and even bars. Thereis a band of LED screen around the perimeter of the stadium. Thisenergy efficient band features one layer covered by solar photovoltaicpanels, as well as a second translucent layer that lets in 80% of alllight while preventing water from hitting stadium patrons. In the past Solar Powered stadiums have been created, Tokyo having been the pioneer in doing that.

stadium1 thumb 400x269 Italy’s Solar Powered Stadium