Is it Time to get a Solar Water Heater?

Solar thermal systems offer a great and affordable way to finally gogreen without spending a fortune. Solar thermal systems aretraditionally far less expensive than solar electric systems. Bothprovide renewable energy for your home, but solar thermal is great as it greatly reduces your gas bill each month, which in turn saves not onlymoney on your energy bill but also has all the benefits of a renewableenergy system. In CA there are plenty of rebates for not only solarthermal systems, but also traditional solar electric systems as well.

In Coachella Valley, homeowners can now get up to $1,875 in rebatesfor installing solar thermal systems on their homes. And recently the California Public Utilities Commission started a new rebate program offering$350 million in solar thermal rebates statewide. With these kinds ofsystems costing around $5-7,000 and with plenty of new rebates promoting these systems why not consider getting this kind of renewable energysystem for yourself?

With all the rebates going around, and the likely demand for solarthermal systems, now is great time to learn how to be the one installing these systems on houses in your neighborhood. Why not have your nextcareer be helping the renewable energy revolution? Boots on the Roof offersexcellent Training for not only solar thermal systems, but solar photovoltaic, wind power systems, and other courses as well. Check out our classes on our main site for more information.

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