Is Chicago Getting a Solar Tower?

Zoka Zola Architects have proposed a sustainable solar-powered tower for Chicago, which incorporates an active solar array mounted on thebuilding’s façade. The spherical tower utilizes its large surface areato good effect by mounting circular solar units that are attached withsun-tracking arms that can boost energy production by as much as 40percent.

chicago solar tower by zoka zola architecture_2

The spherical panels are mounted in such a way as to maintain viewsfor the interior but reduce heat gain. This results in a minimizeddependency on a cooling plant. Moreover, the occupants can also override the panels to manipulate natural lighting conditions. Moreover, inaddition to the solar array, mini-wind generators can also beincorporated into the tracking arms to generate more renewable energy.

chicago solar tower by zoka zola architecture_3

chicago solar tower by zoka zola architecture_1

chicago solar tower by zoka zola architecture_4

Via: Evolo


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