Is 100% Renewable Energy Possible by 2030?

solar cell stanford Is 100% Renewable Energy Possible by 2030?

What would it take for the world to convert to 100% renewable energy?According to two researchers, a massive build-out of solar and windpower could accomplish the task by 2030.

It would include 4 million wind turbines (very large 5MW turbines);90,000 large-scale solar power plants (each with a capacity of about300MW); and 1.7 billion 3-kilowatt rooftop solar PV systems. 

While the task may be politically insurmountable, the major resources of steel, concrete and minerals are available. The researchers say. Rareearth supply–which has been a hot topic of late–would be the onlybottleneck. However, this could be overcome with increased mining,recycling and work-around technologies.

"We wanted to show that wind, water, and solar power are available tomeet demand, indefinitely," study co-author Mark Delucchi told NationalGeographic.

The detailed study was published last month in the journal Energy Policy. Nat Geo’s Mason Inman explores the idea at the link below.


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