Investors Optimistic About Clean Tech Sector

A noteworthy trend highlighted by the investors and entrepreneurs is a shift toward storage and efficiency – 38% of respondents predict this sector will receive the most investment in 2010.

According to Entrepreneur, research done by Cleantech Group shows that venture capital investment in clean technology hasalready overtaken IT and biotech to be the biggest sector of venturecapital investment. Another indicator of the growth in clean tech investment is therecent announcement that Intel (Nasdaq:INTC) has brought together 24 venture firms to invest $3.5 billion into start-ups over the next two years, with the green and clean tech sector expected to benefit the most.

All of this optimism may be due in part to the Obama administration’s support of the clean energy sector.  A steadystream of stimulus money has begun to flow out of the White House, and distribution is expected to continue over the next couple years.  Investors tend to bemore confident when there is stability and predictability in themarketplace, which the Recovery Act provides.

Whatever the reason for their confidence, investors seem unwaveringin their excitement about the future of the clean tech sector.

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