Intersolar and SEMI PV Group to co-organize event in China

The organizers of Intersolar, Solar Promotion International GmbH andFreiburg Management and Marketing International GmbH, and SEMI PV Group, organizers of SOLARCON, have finalized arrangements for their latestcollaboration, Intersolar China/SOLARCON China 2011.

The eventtakes place from March 15-17, 2011 in Shanghai, China and expects over200 exhibitors and more than 25,000 trade visitors. This collaborationclosely follows their joint success working together on Intersolar North America and Intersolar Europe.

The annual event, co-located with SEMICON China, takes place at the Shanghai New International ExpoCentre. Intersolar China/SOLARCON China 2011 will become an industryflagship event, presenting cutting-edge technology and marketopportunities in the photovoltaic industry. The co-location of eventsalso provides a robust cross-industry platform to semiconductors, anintegral part of photovoltaic production and overall cost reduction ofpanels.

Intersolar China/SOLARCON China 2011 will feature bothdomestic and international companies who will contribute to the rapidgrowth and profitability of the Chinese market. Further, the event willrepresent a diverse audience of international trade visitors including,purchasers and investors included among the many thousands of solarprofessionals.

“Our joint success with SEMI is based on ouroverlying goal to organize first-class exhibitions and conferences forthe solar industry in the most influential solar-regions around theworld,” said Markus Elsaesser, CEO of Solar Promotion International.

“The Chinese government, on both a national and provincial level, has begunan ambitious program of incentives to develop the solar energy industry. We are delighted to support and help accelerate the rapid growth ofthis dynamic market in China.”

Intersolar China/SOLARCON China2011 brings together all solar energy technologies and the entire supply chain, including: equipment and materials suppliers; cell and modulemanufacturers; balance of systems (BOS) suppliers (inverters, trackingand mounting systems, integrators); distributors and project developers.

“As China aspires to become a world-player in solar technology andproduction, Intersolar China/SOLARCON China 2011 will help guide bothdomestic and international solar companies to further stimulate theprogress already being made in China,” said Dan Martin, Executive VicePresident of SEMI PV Group. “SEMI is pleased to work closely withIntersolar in organizing what we expect to become the region’s premierexhibition and conference.”

SEMI has a long-standing presence inthe Chinese market and has collaborated with major solar-energycompanies in the region. The PV Group’s commitment to serving themanufacturing supply chain will cater to the manufacturing-focusedChinese solar market and continue to help reduce costs.

”Building on our partnership with SEMI PV Group in North America and Europe tonow include China, reinforces our commitment to providing a world-classsolar event for the Chinese and Asian solar industries.“ said Klaus W.Seilnacht, CEO of Freiburg Management and Marketing International.

Source: SEMI, USA