Intel’s New 3D Transistor Structure $INTC

intel 3d transistor_1

Just when you thought computer chips could get no smaller and nomore compact than the existing crop, Intel has come out and unveiled the latest in its microchip technology – the 3D transistor structure. Thisnew transistor structure, known as Tri-Gate, will make processors thatare smaller than ever before, yet faster and also providing aneco-friendly touch by running at a lower voltage than the standardprocessor chips of today.

Talk of Tri-Gate processors has been going on for the best part of adecade now and should Intel get mass production underway quickly(factory upgrades are planned for 2012), researchers say that thepremier computer chip manufacturers could have as much as a 3-yeartechnological lead over their competition, which, in case you werewondering, is huge.

As far as the technical aspect of the Tri-Gate (also nicknamed IvyBridge) is concerned, it will implement the 22nm production design. IfIntel’s statistics are to be believed, this new design would reducepower consumption by almost 37% as compared to the existing 32nmarchitecture and that can only be a good thing for the world in thecurrent climate. We should expect to see Tri-Gate products hitting themarket and available for mass consumption sometime next year.

intel 3d transistor_2

intel 3d transistor_3

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