Installing Unisolar pvl Laminate On a Metal Roof

I’ve had a couple people ask me how to install Uni-Solar’s flexiblethin film laminate PVL product line on a metal roof. The unique part ofUni-Solar PVL product is it can be bonded directly to a metal roofbetween the ridges.

Traditional solar panels would need racking andmounting components that are not required with a uni-solar PVLinstallation, therefore installing the laminate reduces balance ofsystem costs. Also these thin film laminates are extremely durablesince they are not made of glass like traditional solar panels.

Ithink the uni-solar product line works well when you have a lot ofsurface area to work with, aesthetics is a major concern in theproject, or have a shady/cloudy project since thin film solar panelsperform better than crystalline solar panels in those conditions. Thevideo below is a good overview of how these unique thin film solarpanels can be installed on a metal roof. What do you think about theuni-solar PVL thin film flexible solar panels?



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