India’s booming solar industry reinforces Linde as frontrunner in PV industry

Reinforcing its position as India’s leading gas technology supplier tothe photovoltaic (PV) industry, BOC India (BOCI), a member of The LindeGroup, has won four new long-term gas supply deals with large PVmanufacturers, Moser Baer, Euro Multivision, Solar Semiconductor andIndo Solar (formally Phoenix Solar).

Gases are critical to theproduction of solar cells, and can account for up to 20 percent of thetotal cost of thin film silicon manufacturing. These significant dealsfor BOCI come at a time when India readies to unveil its first solarpower target, pledging to boost output from near zero to 20 Giga Watts(GW) by 2020, as it firms up its national plan to fight global warmingthrough the development of alternative energy sources and reduction ofgreenhouse gas emissions.

“As India plans its solar energyproduction targets, BOCI is committed to the common goal of bringingthe cost of solar electricity to grid parity for mass adoption, byreducing cost per watt of solar cell production,” said Srikumar Menon,Managing Director, BOC India.

“Our relationships with thisgrowing list of leading Indian manufacturers are testament to the valueof our investment in establishing world class execution capability toserve this rapidly growing and technically demanding industry.”

ForMoser Baer’s first PV production unit in Greater Noida, India, BOCI hascreated one of the largest supply schemes for industrial gases forelectronics manufacturing throughout South and East Asia. In additionto the on-site manufacturing of critical gases, BOCI’s partnership withMoser Baer includes a focus on employing technology solutions tooptimise gas usage as well as India’s first on site Total GasManagement (TGM) service.

For Indo Solar’s first crystallinesilicon PV cells manufacturing plant in India, and also in GreaterNoida, BOCI has been selected as its exclusive supplier of bulknitrogen (N2), silane (SiH4) and other specialty gases.

BOCIwill provide a full TGM service and also install the distribution andmonitoring systems required for safe and reliable supply of thesespecialty gases to the manufacturing facility. In Phase One, Indo Solarwill have an annual cell capacity of 160MW, which will ramp up by anadditional 200MW in Phase Two (anticipated completion by end of 2009).

InFab City Hyderabad, BOCI has been selected to pioneer the developmentof gas supply infrastructure in conjunction with the first large PVinvestment. Solar Semiconductor’s new crystalline silicon cell plant inFab City has an initial capacity of 30 MW and plans to ramp up to 120MWby 2010. BOCI also plans to further expand its gas and chemicalinfrastructure in Fab City Hyderabad to support future investments.

Finally,in Gujarat BOCI is working with Euro Multivision Limited on the bulkand special gas supply to their new 40MW crystalline cell manufacturingfacility in Kutch.

In India, solar manufacturing clusters aremainly in the north (Delhi and Noida) and the south (Hyderabad,Bangalore and Chennai).


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