Indian Solar PV Technology for Canada

india Indian Solar PV Technology for Canada

In a rare and remarkable first, Indian technology to make solarphotovoltaic (SPV) panels is going to be utilized in a developedcountry.

Solar Source Corp (SSC), a Canadian renewable energyholding company announced a joint venture with Bangalore-based HindHigh Vacuum Company Pvt. Ltd. (HHV) to build Canada’s first amorphoussilicon solar panel manufacturing plant based on technology &equipment developed by HHV. 

The facility, to be set up bySSC’s wholly owned subsidiary, Solar Source PEI, will be located insummer side, Prince Edward Island (PEI) near the eastern seaboard ofCanada. The proposed annual capacity is 120 MW (megawatts), to beestablished in four phases, with Phase One slated to reach 30 MW ofcapacity. The plant will make panels for the building – integrated,ground-mount and commercial rooftop markets.Besides the abovethin film solar panel making facility, the JV MOU also includes aproposal to build in four phases – a 120 MW crystalline silicon solarpanel manufacturing facility in Ontario, to take full advantage of theexplosive Ontario renewable energy marketplace.

The totalinvestment on the two projects will be around $240 million with theCanadian Government and its agencies providing initial support of $30million.

Ross Beatty, President of SSC, stated: “Solar SourceCorp is pleased to be associated with HHV for their initial panelmanufacturing launch into the North America market. HHV has acquiredsignificant expertise in thin-film solar panel production technology.”

PrasanthSakhamuri, Managing Director of HHV, said: “HHV is producingworld-class, solar panel manufacturing equipment which results in themost cost effective production of amorphous silicon thin-film panels,advanced solar photovoltaic (SPV) modules and solar technology-basedsolutions. Our SPV Modules will be compliant with IEC and UL standardsfor photovoltaic design and safety. We are excited to partner withSolar Source Corp of Canada, as the North American solar energy marketis entering its initial phase of a very long term upward trend.”