India surges forward in solar jobs!

As of the 20th of July, the Indian government will begin developing 60 of its cities into solar cities.Indian officials hope this massive project will reduce the nation’senergy usages by 10%. Not only will this environmental retrofittinghelp reduce the nations carbon footprint, but it will show othernations the drive and possibility to go solar. India is not the firstto undergo such projects, but moving forward, India will  place amongthose nations actively tackling the problems of environmentalsustainability and sustainable energy production.

What a triumph!  And more needs to be done in theUS.  Large-scale developments generate thousands of jobs.  Engineers,draftsmen, installers, team leads – what better way to generate muchneeded green jobs than to push for more solar relatedinstallations.  (Infrastructure development rules.)  Just imagine alarge scale solar installation campaign in the US, and all the benefitsthat come along with it.  This would add a boost in the economy and amuch needed step toward environmental sustainability.

And of course, in order to get jobs in solar there needs to be jobtraining. Training is the groundwork that allows projects like thosecurrently underway in India to begin.  And once the process begins itwill spread, allowing the creation of more and more jobs in the solarenergy field.  Are you ready to go?


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