India Reports Record Year for Renewable Energy

mumbai india India Reports Record Year for Renewable Energy

Much has been made of the renewableenergy juggernauts that are China and the United States.  Often lost in the conversation, though, is India which has had a record year for clean energy installations in 2009-2010.

According to the Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Indiaadded 2.33 gigawatts of grid-connected renewable power between March2009 and March 2010.  This represents a record year for clean powerdevelopment in India, and more than doubles the installations from theprevious year.

All totaled, India now has a renewable energy capacity of 16.8 gigawatts which is more than Canada, Britain, France, and Japan.

Leading the charge this past year was the wind industry which saw1.57 GW of installations occur.  The largest growing Indian clean energy industry was the biomass/agriwaste and small hydro sector which tripled its installations from 250 megawatts in 2008-2009 to 750 megawatts this year.

This record year will surely give India a boost towards meeting itstarget of having 25 GW of installed renewable power by March 2012.

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