India plans for 200GW of solar electricity by 2050

solar plants india  1 r8ZwR 69 India plans for 200GW of solar electricity by 2050

Developingcountries like India and China are among the most polluting nations ofthe world. The only thing that can brighten these nations is the use ofrenewable energy at a scale no one has ever thought of before. Beingthe seventh largest country of the world, India receives about 5,000trillion KWhs of solar energy each day, which is put to good use, canwell provide more electricity than the country actually requires.

India’sclimate change plan is about to take a leap, with the development ofmassive solar energy generating plants that will generate about200,000MW of electricity by 2050. The plan calls for 20,000MW by 2020,100,000MW by 2030 and thereby reaching a goal of 200,000MW by 2050.

Theplan indicates solar installation on about 3 million square meters ofrooftop space from 2,000-3,000 government buildings. Other mandatesalso target non-governmental rooftops, vacant land and buildings suchas hospitals and hotels. In addition to this, the government is alsoplanning to add 20 million solar lights for residences, which will beable to save over one billion liters of kerosene per year by 2020.

Onceimplemented, the generation of solar energy will be able to eliminate42 million tons of CO2 emissions and generate about 100,000 green jobsfor the masses, which would be great as India is already looking forways to end unemployment.

Via: CleanTechnica