In Focus: Translucent Solar Panels

Recently transparent solar cell has come with more energy preserving capacity. It gives us building integrated photo voltaic solution. The combination of solar cells are called solar panel. Solar panels of different capacity and transparency rates are available in the market. They consist of translucent crystal like cell with transparent backside. They may be the part of shedding devices whether movable or not. Another module is thin film module. Thin film module is also used in window, sunspaces; they can be integrated in room also.

This system is mostly fabricated in old heritage building.This is not only helpful for power generation but also increases the inner and outer beauty of the house. The photo-voltaic module with highest capacity of power generation of 1500 W was shown in inter-solar fair in 2005 by an Austrian company.

1. The good

The good side of this cell is you have to pay the cost only for one time at the time of buying. But after that you will get a sufficient electric energy with free of cost. This energy may be used to light several rooms, to move fans, also to watch TV and to heat water. Obviously the solar panel which lights 5 rooms, moves 4 fans and makes TV on costs more than that which lights only 2 rooms and moves 2 fans. Another good side is no need of using coal to generate power. As no coal is used to produce this energy environment will not be polluted.

2. The bad

The disadvantage of transparent cell is less energy will be produced. So if you buy this product, you also have to buy separate fan and light which are specially prepared only for using with this energy. You will get this set with the solar panel. As normal household light and fan, which need more power to be on, can’t be driven by the power which will be generated from the translucent solar cell. So your demand will not be fulfilled. So you have to pay more for the solar panel as you have to buy special fan and light with it. Another disadvantage is when the sky will be clouded or in case of rain power generation will be effected. Hence, less power will be generated. That power will be insufficient to drive even those special fans and lights. You have to operate it carefully. It is breakable because it is made of glass.

3. The ugly

The set-up costs initially will be too much. At this many peoples will be afraid of buying this product. Another is, you need a back-up system to store the energy got from the sunlight, the only one source energy for the solar panel to use solar energy at night. Or you have to connect your device with the energy grid in your local area. You should consider this drawback at the time of buying.

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