In Focus: Solar PV Growth in India

In a rapidly growing economy, with a rapidly increasing population, nothing is more important that establishing energy policies to be carried out over the course of several years. For instance, Germany has recently released news of their commitment to converting to 100% renewable energy by, 2050. The most important counties that pose the greatest threat to climate change, are China and India, “Total net electricity generation in non-OECD countries increases by an average of 3.3 percent per year…led by non-OECD Asia (including China and India).” While China has been a growing supporter of renewable energy, particularly solar PV, India seems to have been lagging behind dramatically. If you take a look at the graph in my previous post, you will see India was nowhere to be found. Up until very recently, India had a strong resistance to solar PV, but now it’s projected to grow dramatically.

With all the information provided in this blog and many other resources, the average person can tell that solar PV has a sustainable future and is certainly an economically feasible resource, so what set India apart? The next few posts will tackle this question and explore the major advances India has recently taken and the setbacks India has gone through in the solar PV industry. Particularly, this blog will examine how recent advocacy campaigns in India successfully used leverage politics to gain a stronghold in the country, and perhaps we in the United States can learn from their example.

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