IMS Research acquires Young Market Research (YMR)

In a move that will consolidate its position as one of the leaders inthe Electronics Market Research field, IMS Research announced todaythat it has acquired Young Market Research (YMR), a highly innovativeresearch company that focuses on the Displays, TV, Solid-State Lightingand Photovoltaic (PV) industries.

YMR is headed by Ross andBarry Young, who are probably best known as the founders ofDisplaySearch, the leading flat panel display market research,consulting and events firm, which they sold to the NPD Group in 2005.

Commentingon the background to the acquisition, IMS Research’s Senior VicePresident and head of US Operations Ian Weightman said: “With over 75analysts around the world, IMS has grown into a broad-based supplier ofmarket research to the electronics industry. This strategic acquisitionenables us to move strongly into the Displays research area, which wasone of the few gaps in our portfolio. It will also help us toconsolidate our positions in the TV, PV and Solid-State Lightingmarkets.”

As part of the transaction, the key executives fromYMR will be joining forces with IMS Research. Ross Young will move tohead-up IMS Research’s new Displays Research Division, as well asacting as a Principle Analyst in the PV sector.

Barry Youngwill work on a variety of projects for IMS, many of which will be ableto draw on his experience as Managing Director of the OLED Association.Weightman explained the benefits of this: “YMR executives such as Rossand Barry are very highly regarded in their industries. Bringing theirknowledge and experience into IMS will enable us to develop newproducts and services that will help us to achieve the aggressivegrowth targets we have set for ourselves.”

President of YMR,Ross Young, is very pleased to be able to further develop his industrycoverage through this new relationship: “I am thrilled to be joiningthe growing IMS Research team, which is doing first-class workthroughout the electronics and industrial value chains. Combining theirproven methodologies, strong analyst team and global reach with ourlong experience, expertise, insights and contacts in the Displayindustry will result in unparalleled market intelligence for past andfuture customers.”


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