IMEC Creates Solar Cells With 19% Efficiency

imec screen printed solar cells with record efficiency Yhirp 69 IMEC Creates Solar Cells With 19% Efficiency

Belgian research lab IMEC has unveiled several large-area silicon solar cells with a conversionefficiency of more than 19 percent. The lab realized two types of cellswith silver screen-printed contacts and plated copper contacts.Efficiencies of the cells with screen-printed contacts were up to 19.1percent whereas 19.4 percent efficiency was achieved with copper platedcontacts.

IMEC’s record efficiency silicon solar cells feature rear-sidepassivation, laser ablation and, local aluminum back-side field andscreen-printed contacts or copper-plated contacts on advanced emitterschemes. The results were achieved on large-area cells (148cm2) with170µm thickness, proving the industrial viability of the process.

Via: IMEC [Press Release]