I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

How about we start the month of December with a little holiday cheer?

The folks in High Bridge, New Jersey are gearing up for their first ever solar-powered Christmas. This Saturday when the High Bridge Business Associationflips the switch on the Main Street Christmas tree, it will be sun power that makes those Christmas lights twinkle.

High Bridge is home to Independent Solar, providers of renewable energy options to residential and small-businesses. They’re also one of themore recent additions to the High Bridge Business Association.

 “One of the HBBA’s newest members, Independent Solar, came up withthe idea at one of our meetings,” said Joe Dispenza, president of theassociation. “They explained how it could be done, and offered to handle it for us. We all agreed it’s a great idea, and they took it and ranwith it.”

And run with it they did.

According to Independent Solar’s chief marketing officer, ChristalRosenka, “It’s a relatively easy application for us. We’ll have solar panels near the tree, which will power a battery all day. The lights will run off of the battery throughout the night.”

Green resources report that Independent Solar is currently reaping the rewards of a public hungry for renewable energy options.  

The annual tree lighting ceremony, scheduled for Saturday, December4, has been organized by the HBBA since 2006, and has become a popularholiday season launching point for many High Bridge residents. Inaddition to the lighting of the tree, children will get a visit fromSanta, escorted by the brave men and women who make up the High BridgeFire Department. Citizens will also enjoy performances by the 4th and 5th grade school choir and band from High Bridge Elementary.

By going green for Christmas, the folks in High Bridge are able to give themselves the gift of savings, while giving a little something back to Mother Earth.

 “We only had to make a small investment to purchase LED lights,which draw less energy,” said Dispenza. “Independent Solar provided allof the necessary equipment for the project, which will save us hundredsof dollars in electric costs we typically pay to power the tree.”


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